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Scitech is focused specifically on providing the very best in maintenance, repair, and calibration services for micropipettes, analytical balances, motorized pipette aids, and bottle-top dispensers.  Big or small, our projects are executed with precision and accuracy in accordance with the highest quality standards.  You can rely on Scitech to get the job done right!


Scitech's service procedures follow the guidelines and methods recommended by various manufacturers, as well as national organizations like NCCLS and ISO. The balances and weights we use are calibrated and traceable. (If a customer's balance is used during an on-site visit, we ensure that it is traceable and has been recently calibrated).

Maintenance Service: Performed During ON-SITE Visit

· Visual and physical assessment of pipette condition and function (volume adjustment, tip ejector, piston function, leak test)

· Disassemble pipettes - clean all internal and external components with isopropyl alcohol 

· Lubricate internal parts as required

· Replace seal & o-ring as needed (for units of this type)
· Replace any defective/missing parts if required and document replacement parts
· Reassemble unit and identify unit with our QC label


**For units with extensive corrosion or external/internal part damage limiting maintenance or calibration service, we will notify the customer and provide repair pricing estimates in order to help determine the best way to move forward with the unit.


For calibration service and documentation, Scitech will prepare our Service Order Forms and/or our Service Data Sheets with the following information:

· Customer name, lab, location, facility contact, phone number, balance type, model, serial number, and calibration date

· Pipette type, model, serial number, and unit sequence

· Environmental conditions - room temp, sample water temp,  % humidity etc.


Prior to calibration of pipettes, Scitech will verify balance performance (ours or customers).  Using manufacturer's recommended tips, Scitech will weigh each sample and record "as found" sample measurements as required.  Results will be compared to SCITECH specifications (+/- 1%), and adjustments made if needed.  Once the proper sample measurement is obtained, Scitech will perform the required amount of sample measurements for each volume required.

Scitech's customiziable documentation data formats help to provide part of the important and necessary paper trail for each individual unit. Scitech's procedures are in compliance with GLP/GMP and CAP/CLIA/COLA protocols and can easily be adjusted to comply with others if needed.


Every lab is unique and our customers require a wide variety of pipette performance data.  So, if you need "as found" and "as left" data, or 4, 5, 7, or 10 measurements, or 1, 2, or 3 volumes, give Scitech a call and we will work with you to deliver the calibration data that will best meet your needs.

PLEASE NOTE: The above is a general overview of our services and may not reflect every customized level of service that we offer.

No convenient time for ON-SITE service? Have a few units that need repair? Ship your Units To Us! 


Scitech ALSO provides OFF-SITE maintennance, repairs, and calibration of your pipettes. This is a great option for:

1) Facilities with only a few units and want them turned around quickly

2) Facilities that don't have a convenient time for ON-SITE service

3) Facilities have a few units that require repair and re-calibration but do not want to wait until the next scheduled ON-SITE service

4) Facilities that received some new units and want to place them in service but do not want to wait until the next scheduled ON-SITE service


Scitech tries to maintain a turn-around time of 48 hours for calibration after receipt of the units (for everything that we receive before 3:00 pm EST. For units that require extensive repair that cannot be addressed within the 48 hour window, Scitech will inform you about them within 24 hours, and provide possible scenarios for you to consider.


For OFF-SITE service, after decontaminating your units, (contact us for information and the required forms) you can send them via FEDEX or UPS to our nearest service facility. (please contact us for shipping details). 


For any repair work, a full assessment of the pipette will be performed.  When complete, a diagnosis of the issue, parts needed for correction, and the cost of the repair will be communicated to you.  The decision as to whether your equipment should be repaired or not should always be yours.

Need more information?

We'd be happy to discuss Scitech's service/maintenance offerings in greater detail with you. Please contact Scitech toll free at +1 800-372-4832, email us at, or use our contact form by clicking the button below.

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