SCITECH INSTRUMENTS offers a broad range of innovative solutions to meet your research needs. Whether big or small, our projects are executed with precision, and accuracy in accordance with the highest quality standards. You can rely on us to get the job done right! From day one - we offer only the BEST in SERVICE and PRODUCTS.


An overview of our ONSITE SERVICE capabilities:

  • We CALIBRATE, maintain, and repair ALL major brands of Liquid Handling equipment (manual or electronic: single and multi-channel micropipettes, steppers, repeaters, pipetting aids, etc.)
  • We CALIBRATE, maintain, and repair ALL major brands of analytical Laboratory Balances
  • We provide MAINTENANCE service for ALL major brands of Microscopes (excluding SEM & Confocal)

An overview of our PRODUCT DISTRIBUTION capabilities:

  • We DISTRIBUTE most major brands of equipment and supplies AND we also carry a few exclusive brands to assist you in your daily R&D needs (CLICK on tab labeled Equipment above).


  • Barring any MAJOR parts or electronics issues, the decision as to wether your equipment should be fixed while you wait, or is sent away from your sight and control, should always be yours. It shouldn't be anyone else's decision.


In early 1985 we were asked to look into providing ONSITE service for pipettes, alongside what we already offered with our Microscopy Sales, setup, service, and maintenance offerings. After a few months review, we decided the customer knows best, and began to offer ONSITE service for micropipettes, and similar liquid handling equipment at reasonable and competitive prices.


Like anyone else, we could always send units off-site and let the manufacturer take care of them, over the course of anywhere from a few days to a few months, but that was unacceptable to our customers and to ourselves. It didn't take long before we realized that this had to become part of our new business model, and so we became the originator of the ONSITE pipette service business model.

An overview of the services we offer:

  • Calibration, maintenance, trade-in or repair of Pipettes
  • Calibration, maintenance, and service of your analytical Laboratory balances
  • Maintenance, cleaning, and service of all your laboratory Microscopes (excluding SEM & Confocal)

Need more information?

We'd be happy to discuss our service/maintenance offerings in greater detail with you. Please contact us at +1 973 827-0146 or use our contact form.