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Analytical balances are indespensable laboratory tools ensuring that weight measurements are made with the utmost precision and accuracy.  Proper handling and storage along with routine maintenance and calibration by trained technicians are essential to maximize their performance and reliability.



Maintenance: To maintain their accuracy and performance, analytical balances need proper care. Scitech's technicians will thoroughly clean each balance and ensure that all components are free from obstruction and operating as intended. 


Calibration: Analytical balances require regular calibration to ensure accuracy. Scitech's technicians will follow the manufacturer's recommendations for balance calibration.  If the process involves using external weights, Scitech's technicians will perform the calibration using our certified and traceable weights.


Analytical balances should be located in a temperature controlled, draft free area and on a weighing table to minimize errors caused by external vibrations.  Even if balance service is not part of the ON-Site service order, our technicians will provide a "spot performance check" of your balance upon request, with our traceable weights.

We service the following manufacturer's balances and more!

Mettler Toledo Sartorius Ohaus
Cole-Parmer A&D Adam

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