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Motorized pipette aids, also known as electronic pipette controllers or pipette fillers, are devices used with serological pipettes in laboratories to facilitate the pipetting process. These devices are designed to improve accuracy, precision, and efficiency in liquid handling tasks.


Motorized pipette aids are equipped with an electric motor that may be powered by disposable batteries or rechargeable batteries, The motorized operation helps in consistent and controlled aspiration and dispensing of liquid samples.


Routine Maintenance:

Regular maintenance is important to ensure the accuracy and reliability of motorized pipette aids. While electronic pipette aids assist in the aspiration and dispensing of liquid, most are not programmed to aspirate or deliver a specific volume.  Scitech's maintenance service for electronic pipete aids includes a performance inspection and replacement of seals, filters, batteries or any other components that may impact its performance if necessary.  Any repair needs will be communicated to you and only completed upon approval.



A laboratory bottle top dispenser typically consists of a dispensing unit that attaches to the top of a reagent bottle and is used for the accurate and efficient dispensing of liquid reagents. These dispensers provide a convenient and precise way to deliver measured volumes of liquids without the need for repeated pipetting. These dispensers are typically made from chemically resistant materials such as polypropylene, PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), and borosilicate glass to ensure compatibility with a wide range of chemicals and reagents.


One of the primary features of these dispensers is the ability to accurately adjust the dispensing volume. Users can set the desired volume on a scale, and the dispenser will dispense that exact amount.  Advanced models may feature a digital display for more precise volume adjustments. This can be particularly useful when working with small volumes or when a high degree of accuracy is required.


Maintenance and Calibration:

Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the dispenser.  Scitech's technicians will disassemble and clean all components of the dispenser.  After reassembly, Scitech's technicians will use gravimetric measurements to verify accuracy and make manual adjustments to the unit if needed. Once the unit is cleaned and calibrated, we will affix our QC sticker which will show the QC date and date of next service. Any repair needs will be communicated to you and only completed upon approval.

Need more information?

We'd be happy to discuss Scitech's pipette aid and bottle-top dispenser maintenance/calibration offerings in greater detail with you. Please contact us toll free at +1 800-372-4832 or email us at

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