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Pipette calibration is a critical component of a laboratory's quality assurance program. Accurate measurements are essential for conducting experiments and analyses, and using calibrated pipettes helps ensure the reliability and reproducibility of results.  Pipette calibration is the process of verifying and adjusting the accuracy of a pipette to ensure that it is functioning correctly and providing accurate and reliable results.  Scitech Instruments provides micropipette INSPECTION, EVALUATION, MAINTENANCE, REPAIR, and CALIBRATION  services for all our customers.  We perform this service On-Site, at your location.


Pipettes should properly maintained and calibrated at regular intervals to ensure their ongoing accuracy. The maintenance and calibration frequency depends on factors such as the pipette's usage, the type of liquids dispensed, and the laboratory's quality control standards. Common intervals are quarterly, every six months, and yearly.


Scitech's calibration procedures follow the guidelines and methods recommended by various manufacturers, as well as national organizations like NCCLS and ISO.  The balances Scitech uses for gravimetric measurements are calibrated and tracable and if a customer's balance is used, we will ensure that it is tracable and recently calibrated.  Scitech's documentation data formats help to provide part of the important and necessary paper trail for each individual unit.  Scitech's procedures are in compliance with GLP/GMP and CAP/CLIA/COLA protocols and can easily be adjusted to comply with others if needed.


PLEASE NOTE: Although Scitech uses a five-place balance for most of our procedures, for volumes under 2ul, a six-place balance is preferred.

Scitech calibrates, maintains, and repairs ALL major brands of PIPETTES (manual or electronic: single and multi-channel micropipettes, steppers, repeaters, pipetting aids, etc.)


During our On-Site service, Scitech's experienced technicians will:

- Perfom inspection, evaluation, and full maintenance on all pipettes (see SERVICE section for more details)

- Suggest and provide quotations for any necessary repairs and make repairs only after customer approval

- Perform customized calibration service (see SERVICE section for more details)


Scitech services the following manufacturer's pipettes and many more!

  Eppendorf Vista Lab Sartorius Accupet Matrix
  Gilson VWR BioHit Nichiryo Labnet
  Rainin Scilogex ThermoFisher Integra Corning
  Socorex Drummond Oxford Brandtech Hamilton

Need more information?

We'd be happy to discuss Scitech's pipette maintenance/calibration offerings in greater detail with you. Please contact us toll free at +1 800-372-4832 or email us at

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