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Bringing Accuracy and Precision to the Scientific Community...One Facility at a Time!

Since 1984, Scitech Instruments has been providing the very best ON-SITE maintenance, repair and calibration services for all brands of pipettes (manual or electronic, single or multi-channel), repeaters or steppers, pipette aids, bottle-top dispensers, and analytical balances.  Today, our customers are a Who's Who of Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Companies, Biotech Companies, Environmental Companies, Research Centers, Hospitals, and Universities.

An overview of Scitech's ON-SITE service capabilities:

  • CALIBRATION, maintainance, and repair for ALL major brands of PIPETTES (manual or electronic: single and multi-channel micropipettes, steppers, repeaters, pipetting aids, etc.)
  • CALIBRATION and maintainance for ALL major brands of Analytical and Top-Loading Balances
  • CALIBRATION and maintainance for ALL major brands of Bottle-Top Dispensers

Scitech's service procedures follow the guidelines and methods recommended by various manufacturers, as well as national organizations like NCCLS and ISO. The balances and weights used by Scitech are calibrated and traceable. If a customer's balance is used during an on-site visit, we ensure that it is traceable and has been recently calibrated. Scitech's customiziable documentation data formats help to provide part of the important and necessary paper trail for each individual unit. Scitech's procedures are in compliance with GLP/GMP and CAP/CLIA/COLA protocols and can easily be adjusted to comply with others if needed. We will be happy to work with you to determine the data package that best meets your needs.

Need cost-effective pipette service or calibration performed ON-SITE by friendly, experienced, and professional technicians?  Request a free consultation today!

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Pipette Aids and Dispensers


Scitech strives to partner with you and EXCEED your expectations for high quality, cost-effective service

Email us at or call us at 1 800-372-4832 For a Free Consultation On All of Your Pipette, Analytical Balance, and Bottle-Top Dispenser Calibration, Repair, and Maintenance Needs

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