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1. We carry a variety of Electronic pipettes, BUT specifically what are your needs and requirements? Do you prefer one BRAND over another?


2. We have Hematocrit Centrifuges and Clinical Centrifuges. Call us and we can discuss your applications!


3. Need inexpensive, lightweight, brightly colored mini-centrifuges (max speed of 7000 rpm & includes 2mlx8 and PCR8x2 rotors)? We have four colors available  - blue, green, yellow, and pink.


4. BLOOD BANKS - SAVE MONEY and ensure precision and accuracy! We have an ongoing, money saving SPECIAL PROMOTION for you! Contact us or your local SCITECH Representative for more information.


5. NEW PIPETTE TIPS - Soft Touch (for volumes accomodating the range of 0.5 - 1250ul)

Environmental - Packaging: Since the tip mount force is so incredibly minimized with the OneTouch™ tip, a rigid plastic rack is no longer exclusively required, if you decide to forgo them. Instead, OneTouch™ tips are also available in an easily disposable paperboard rack. This environmentally sensitive packaging is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. 
Universal Style Tip: Two materials give you the best of everything: 
       •Soft, TPE material for the best seal
       •Rigid, clear polypropylene for the straightest tip


COLOR coded Tips: TPE material is colored to differentiate the three volume ranges available - RED (0.5-20), YELLOW (1-330ul), BLUE (50-1250ul)

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