We have gloves of all sizes to meet your needs. We have Latex rubber, vinyl, and nitrile gloves. We have gloves with smooth grip, with textured grip, and we have them with aloe, powdered or non-powdered, etc. Contact us and we will supply exactly what you want.

Plastic Tips

We have pipette tips to fit every major brand of micropipette. We have ultra-micro tips, we have graduated tips, we have filter tips, we have "extra long" extended length tips, conductive tips, gel-loading tips, etc. They are available in a variety of formats: racked, racked & sterile, individually wrapped, bulk packed, case packed, refill packs, etc.


Most recently, we began to distribute SOFT TOUCH Tips, which without a doubt, are the closest thing to a truly universal tip to arrive on the market in many years. Also, you won't confuse them with other tips, since the flexible section that contacts the shaft/barrel of the pipettes are color coded for size - red for ultramicro (1-20ul), yellow (20-300ul), and Blue (50-1250ul). If this would interest you, please speak to one of our Sales or Service technicians for more information.


Contact us and let us know what you're looking for and we can then provide you a quote and samples.

Tube Racks

We have colorful or even bright  "neon" colored racks, "honeycomb" racks, and multi-sided/sized racks for your laboratory. The variety of racks that we offer, will accomodate almost all of the tubes that you have in your laboratory. Contact us for the sizes and type that you need.

AND SO ON and SO ON...