No Convenient time for ONSITE SERVICE? Ship your Units To Us!

We ALSO provide OFF-SITE repairs and calibration of your liquid handling units. We try to maintain a turn-around time of 48 hours (barring any MAJOR repairs), after receipt of the units (for everything that we receive before 3:00 pm EST on the East Coast or 3:30 pm in Puerto Rico). For units that are too far gone to repair within the 48 hour window, we will inform you about them within 24 hours, and provide possible scenarios for you to consider.


After decontaminating your units (contact us for more information and for the required forms), you can send your units via USPS to:


Scitech Instruments

P.O. Box 251

Franklin, NJ 07416-0251


OR you can send your units via FEDEX or UPS to our nearest service facility (please contact us for shipping details) or you can hand them to our Service Technicians who will typically hand deliver them by the following day to our repair facility.