We stand for innovation

SCITECH INSTRUMENTS offers a broad range of innovative solutions to meet your research needs. We not only sell you the PRODUCT that you need, but we go further and ensure that we SERVICE what we sold you, so that it continues to work properly long after the sale.


Our ONSITE SERVICE capabilities:

  • We CALIBRATE, maintain, and repair ALL major brands of Liquid Handling equipment (with professional expertise on PIPETTES), ANALYTICAL Laboratory BALANCES, as well as providing MAINTENANCE service for ALL major brands of Microscopes (click on tab above labeled Services)


  • We DISTRIBUTE most major brands of equipment and supplies AND we also carry a few exclusive brands to assist you in your daily R&D needs.
  • Glass (chemistry kits, containers, vials, roller bottles, serum bottles, etc.)
  • Plastic (squeeze bottles, tubing, vials, containers, tips, dropper bottles, etc.)
  • Liquid Handling equipment (peristaltic dispensers, manual or electronic micropipettes, pipetting aids, steppers, repeaters, etc.)
  • Sample Prep (mixers, stirrers, centrifuges, grinders, microtomes, balances, cryotomes, etc.)
  • Analysis tools (microscopes, pH meters, columns, turbidity meters, analytical balances, thermometers, metalographs, spectrophotometers, etc.)
  • Safety equipment (gloves - nitrile, rubber, vinyl, lab coats, caps, filters, fume hoods, blowers, filters, etc.)
  • Furniture (custom lab cabinets - metal or wood, chairs, tables, granite or plastic counter-tops, etc.)
  • Specialty Laboratory Chemicals/Standards (no not everything - but check with our rep or contact us)
  • CUSTOM Products (when we started in 1984, this was a flexibility that almost no one else offered or was qualified to offer)

Need more information?

We'd be happy to discuss our PRODUCTS or our SERVICES or our MAINTENANCE capabilities in greater detail with you. Please contact us and ask for one of our sales/engineers at +1 973 827-0146 or as a convenient  alternate - use our contact form.