We constantly add new lines or items to the equipment that we represent! We have a new line of SCILOGEX Centrifuges that you will want to have! We have a new pipetting aid (the LEVO Plus) that will make your daily liquid handling work-load easier.


As we add new products, we want you to know that they are always: Cutting-edge, Robust, Compact, Quiet, and Economically priced.


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The following are just a few examples of the equipment that we have available for you:

D3024 Micro-Centrifuge Features:

* Large LCD display provides all visual information

* Whisper quiet & stable operation

* Brushless motor drive, maintenance free 

* Bio-containment rotors, safe and autoclavable

* Special double cooling air design, minimizes

   rotor heating

* Maintains 4°C at maximum speed to protect

   precious samples

* Rotor Options:



                              PCR8 serial tubes


                              Pulse operation for quick spins

                              Automatic door lock

                              Over-speed detection

                              2 YEAR WARRANTY



Centrifuge : D3024
Max. Speed : 15000rpm (300-15000rpm), 10rpm increments
Max. RCF : 21380×g, 10×g increments
Run Time : 30secs to 99mins Timer or Continuous Operation
Dimensions : (W) 11.0 × (L) 14.3 × (H) 10.4 inches
Weight : 27lbs
Voltage : Single-Phase, 110V, 60Hz, 5A

D2012 Mini-Centrifuge Features:

*  Large LCD display provides all

   visual information

* Compact design

* Whisper quiet operation

* Brushless motor drive, maintenance free

* Pulse operation for quick spins

* Automatic door lock

* Over-speed detection




D2012 Mini-Centrifuge Specifications:

Centrifuge : D2012
Max. Speed : 15000 rpm (200-15000rpm), 100rpm increments
Max. RCF : 15100 × g, 100 rpm × g increments
Run Time : 30 secs to 99 mins Timer or Continuous Operation
Dimensions : (W) 9.8 × (L) 9.6 × (H) 5.5 inches
Weight : 13.2 lbs
Voltage : Single-Phase, 110V 60Hz, 5A


Our SCILOGEX branded LEVO-Plus is a battery powered pipetting aid that not only aspirates & dispenses liquid at a user adjustable rate, it informs you of your battery charge status via an LCD directly in your dispensing line-of-site. Additionally, we have priced this unit "just-right" in that you will spend at least $100 less than the typical comparable German unit. Of course we also have those also available (for those of you that only want those specific brands).

Bright OTF5000 Cryostats

 (Three models available with various options)

 Quick Freezer

 Internal shelves

 Ergonomic design

 Standard knife or disposable blades

 Motorized sectioning option

 Window demist system

 Automatic defrost


Contact us for more information, and to discuss your application.


Specimen freezers are used in many laboratories for the freezing of samples in preparation for cryotomy or for the short- to medium-term storage of such frozen samples. Some of the most useful lab freezers are rapid cryo freezers that are cooled to very low temperatures and are able to freeze samples very quickly. We manufacture an extremely rapid laboratory freezer incorporating two cylindrical chambers held at -40 °C and -80 °C, respectively.


Bright CLINI-RF Rapid Freezer

  • -40C to -80C
  • Ideal for snap-freezing
  • Replaces LN2 freezers
  • Quiet and powerful cooling


The Bright Rapid Freezer freezer is able to replace all liquid nitrogen and carbon dioxide freezing systems, greatly improving lab safety. The upper chamber has a diameter of 10.8” and a depth of 5.4”, making it a convenient size for the storage of a number of samples without consuming too much laboratory space